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The sport has a very important place in our country. Together with sports bet on our country. Although the sport Toto has played legal betting in various ways, the first time in 2004 has entered the lives of the sport lovers and became legal.

In addition to the formation of İddaa, the technology has also developed and many betting sites emerged. Some of the betting sites are approved from the state and some of the legal continues to be illegal without approval.

In the past months bet type found in many European countries to Turkey “Live Betting” has arrived. Live bet is the system that can be played on it when the competition is played.

We will also transfer you to you “Legal Live Betting Sites” in our content. Here are all the details of live betting sites.

Legal betting sites, the Republic of Turkey are betting sites pay their taxes as the official license and the state. As is known, there are many betting sites. Some of these are legal / legal are illegal.

In our country, there are many betting sites in our country and they support live bets. Many people know that there are only the popular ones from the sites, but there are many sites that operate.

Iddaa, the pioneer of the betting companies, was implemented by the sport Toto, which is the official betting agency of the state in 2004. The priorities also returned to the website with the development of technology served as a dealership. In the past months, Sports Toto has submitted to the tender to customize the IDDAA. The tender has gained the bid that is recognized from the world of work and sports, has earned the Offer of Berdiren and the IDDAA institution.

Follow the path that assertion has been opened Turkey’s first private legal betting site. In 2006, the company introduced to the sector has also made the bet on the internet for the first time to play via the website. This has been an important step for legal betting in Turkey. Bilyoner’s founder is Intralot and Single Electronics A.Ş.

What is his firm in 2006 as a legal betting site D Electronic Chance Games and Publishing A.Ş. has been installed by. What the company is betting matches, as well as the National Lottery and other games of chance is to do the Jockey Club of Turkey’s legal dealership.

S Chance Games A.Ş. He has managed to announce the name of the operation in 2009 in 2009. The firm entering the sector with easy operation motto has attracted many users’ attention.

Misli Electronic Chance Games and Publishing Inc. After the name of the Sport Toto under the name, he started to operate as a statutory betting site. As of 2011, the National Lottery is also entitled to make the legal dealership.

In 2011, the firm of individual becoming legal by taking the necessary approvals has less user than other sites, but there are many advantages to their users.

Elektrik Bay Games, which is the subsidiary of the birth broadcast group. By 2009, he started its service life as a legal betting site. Oley also received the legal dealership of the National Lottery in 2011.

Horse Racing was established in October 23, 1950 for lovers. Only the horse racing is played online, it cannot be bet on other sports competitions.

Legal / legal betting sites have many advantages. These sites are fully controlled by the state because they are fully reliable to pay money. Banks are followed in illegal / non-legal betting sites on deposit and withdrawals. Suspected money transactions are placed by the state. The reason for this is that illegal betting sites do not pay taxes. In addition, there is no possibility that you cannot receive your payment on legal betting sites because the sites are approved by the state. Inability to receive money on illegal sites, you may experience many negative situations such as the closure of your account. Therefore, it will be your great benefit that you select legal / legal sites for bets.

All bet sites want your credentials to receive payment. Legal betting sites do not constitute any problems because it stores this information under state control, but this information is stored in illegal betting sites. Your information may be on the hand of third parties.

You can also be sure that your phone information is shared with other sites if you are a member of the illegal bet site once. These sites collecting their phone numbers in their pool are constantly shopping with each other. At the same time they can consistently disturb people by texting. In order to avoid this situation, you must block messages. You can get help from the title of “Blocking messages from bet sites” on the subject.

Legal betting sites, which are fully trusted in payment and privacy, are unfortunately, the low rates remain behind the gaming and assortment of illegal sites. Don’t play people based on the State’s law

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