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In between cinema viewers, it is a cultural phenomenon that creates the “Yeflilçam Movie” as a concept that has been used as a concept that has been used as a similar concept, as a cultural phenomenon that has been acquired by the expansion of expansive sectors. It is also evaluated as a commercial product from the side and correlation. Nasa> s of Hollywood or concepts such as Bollywood, p> ras> and the US and India mainstreaming> m cinemas> n against> l> Use k> l> If y Yeflilçam the mainstream in Turkey> m sinemay> represents And so today, even today, the popular movies that win large Gifle Papers are evaluated as a continuation of the growth of the freedz. Yeflilçam movies have adopted the formulas of the classical narration in the American movies of the best carflection. In these movies, events are in accordance with the relationship between the result of a chronological order. As in all classic narratives, it is also a male or female hero, which is carried with various obstacles in the transportation of a certain purpose in the transport movies in the gravity movies, and are a male or female hero, which is in the event of the fact that they are in the event of a certain purpose. But the fate is a fundamental factor in the form of freedoms and in the form of coincidences in the form of coincidences in general in the form of coincidences and more than the struggle and struggle of the hero in the fact that it is in the form of accomplishing the aims. has an important role.

In the Yeflilçam movies, the family is a basic social institution, which is the stories braid, which occurs to certain roof points. melodum cinema, while the family in the family is associated with the family (in the family), the focus of the asian-style melodram is the focal point in the asian style> melodram. In the Yeflilçam movies, the family in certain species such as village and town films, the family is usually at p> n> f and groups composed of people with the cultural background> n yerleflti¤ new neighborhoods existed and so in an environment that offers the spectrum of a metropolis as urban society in Turkey rewarded. The historical, social and cultural properties of Istanbul have presented a unique material of the film in the creation of certain stereotypes and their reflection of general social polypties and roofs over them. It is also a rich of visual material, which can be evaluated as a natural plateau, which can be evaluated in have gained an iconographic feature of films. Yeflilçam Cinemas has produced its own popular film types. The melodram is the type of discharge of this cineman. Here you must evaluate the melodram> GENIFL BR in the frame. Accordingly, melodrama, “women ‘s films”, “village films” and “gangster movies like” base> s> 1960 and> the middle> had occurred in> blood, Turkey theater> The unique is the common axis of the many popular film genre . However, the species of geneflectors are more than specified. The rows of s

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