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Hello, my brother and his 3 friends were caught with cannabis. 1250 gr. 2 friends were in the front car and 1 friend was next to him. They left the cannabis in my brother’s car, my brother says that they did not know at first, my brother was detected because the person next to him was following him. They said that they did not know my brother because they feared what they knew at the police station. marijuana

Hello, my wife caught 23 gr kubar 50 joint and 29 extacy pills in the car. They took her inside for 7 months. At the end of this month she has a court. Do you think she will be sentenced? 3rd Court

Hello, it depends on the evidence and statements in the file. But he was opened as a seller and arrested. We recommend that you work with a lawyer colleague on the subject.

We are working with a lawyer and only the drugs found are shown as evidence, that is, they do not have any evidence that he is a seller, the prosecutor opened the case as a seller and his friends next to him say that he is in favor of my wife, that he is a drinker, and that there is no contradiction in his statements does it take

Hello, my wife is selling drugs because they say pills. Since she has been caught in a small amount, the court has been opened twice as a drinker, she has slept for 9 months and she continues to drink and sell it again.

He also stated that he bought a batch of drugs when he received money, that is, it has nothing to do with selling, but will he be penalized for being a seller or for drinking.

If I smoke cannabis, I buy cannabis or cannabis in bulk, I don’t know how he can convince his wife that he is not a seller !! I don’t know how the lawyer will tell anymore !!

Hello, good day, while the probation continues, what happens in case of caught with drugs again

Hello teacher. 10 days ago I caught 0.70 grams of synthetic drugs. In my statement, I said that I did not know the person who sold that I used it because of a psychological problem. I am studying at university, I saw probation for 1 year before this year, but I closed the file cleanly. How is the process progressing now? I wonder what will be the worst outcome for me, thanks now.

Respectfully my professor… I was given treatment and control freedom for using cannabis.

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