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7 months after this incident, a notice of probation came to the postponement of the case. But 1 day before this paper came, I became the police station again because of the same incident. What do you think I will encounter in this process or do you have any advice? Another factor is that in my second incident, as a result of helping the office that received my file, the seller was also caught. Does this situation give me an advantage?

Hello teacher, I took ecstasy pill 2 years ago and I was hospitalized that day, I never went to court, but the court gave a hagb decision about me, I gave my analysis clean during the audit period, but my file was sent back to the court because I did not attend the seminars, I have a court on January seventeen.By the way, I have a slight injury and threat from another crime. I received a fine of three thousand liras for their crimes. Is the hagb decision broken?

How can the punishment of the person caught 3 times in 5 years be postponed? The friend pays a loan and he has a regular job every year.

Hello, I caught 1 piece of extacy on me and I stated that I used it very rarely in my statement that I was a drinker. They took my statement and released it, and the paper would come to the house. Do I get a punishment later?

Hello, my wife was caught as a drug dealer, but she is a smoker prisoner, now there is a statement and physical follow-up on her statement and if the person who gives the statement changes her expression, would my wife have a situation like not being punished

They fired me and another company who had camera shots was also one. The parcel was stolen and they made me a seller, I am not guilty about this issue, I went to the police station and gave a statement because I am suspicious about it. What can I do? I will be punished. Can you help me?

Hello, a few days ago I would go to the tobacı and buy skunk, which is a drug substance, but when the bag was caught and I went to get it before I went to get it, I saw that a few more people were caught with me, then they took us to the police and in my statement I told that I had been drinking for 6 months and I showed the messages I sent to the bag and also diagnosed in the bag. I said, will a lawsuit come after me? or do I get a probation and does it appear on the criminal record?

Hello, Only in the case of being a user, probation is usually given. It is also in your favor if you help identify the drug dealer. If you receive probation, this works in your criminal record, and when you pass the inspection period properly, it remains in your criminal record, but this record related to probation can only be seen by courts, prosecutors, etc. when necessary. After the inspection period is over, the employer will not be able to see the record on probation, for example, in a criminal record document you will receive for employment. For your information..

Good evening. My wife bought 107 g of marijuana on December 13, and the vehicle said they stopped after denouncing, but I am a drinker, in her statement, she is currently in detention but she has not been sentenced for the first time.

Hello, If the Court considers that it is only the user, it will usually order the application of probation, but a different decision may be made depending on the circumstances of the concrete case.

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