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Blackjack is a global card game played almost anywhere in the world. It is the most played game type after slot games. Unlike other card games, it is played against the dealer, the banker, not against other players. Blackjack, which is estimated to originate in France, is also known as 21 in our country. It is frequently preferred in places that provide casino services due to its easy understanding and playability and high chance of winning. Of course you don’t have to go to the casino to play this fun game. Nowadays, there are many live betting sites in our country and you can play this enjoyable game at any time, in the comfort of your home. Live Blackjack players prefer this game because there are no situations such as cheating in this game. There are many quality and reliable live betting and casino sites available, and you can safely enjoy the fun from these sites. By following the bonus campaigns offered to you on the sites you will play, you can increase your chances of winning and earn higher amounts.

If you are going to sit at the Blackjack table and aim to win, you need to know the Blackjack rules. The basis of the game is that the sum of the cards in your hand must be the highest, not exceeding the number 21. So who should it be higher than? Of course from the dealer. While the numerical value of the king, queen and valet, which are picture cards, is calculated as 10, the ace is calculated as 1 or 11.

When starting the game, the croupier is given 2 cards to each player and to himself. Deal is made with both cards of the player and one of the dealers open. As you can see, the first card in the dealer must be closed. With the cards dealt, if you have an ace and a 10 card in your hand, you are considered to have won the game by directly making blackjack. If there is no Blackjack from the distribution, the number closest to 21 or 21 is tried to be obtained by requesting a card from the dealer. If you think the numerical value of the cards in your hand is high enough, you can also choose to wait. As we stated in the main rule of the game, if you pass 21, you will lose. When all the players have finished receiving cards, the dealer opens his hole card and draws if the value of the cards in his hand is less than 17. However, if it is over 17, it will stop drawing cards. Sometimes the number to focus on may differ from the casino to the casino. This is stated on the table or on the screen in every casino. If the dealer passes 21, all players win. The person with the highest numerical value in a number between 17-21 wins. If the dealer and the player have the same numerical value, there is no winner in the game.

The game may not always turn to the style you are used to. In such cases, see what style of Blackjack game is played. Do not be intimidated by the variety in the game. In the game basically based on the same principles, more enjoyable and more competitive approaches have been created with small nuances.

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