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“Lethal Weapons” (Turkish: Hell’s Guns) is the seventh episode of the third season of the comedy series Family Guy, first aired on Fox on August 22, 2001. The episode was originally prepared for the second season of the series, but was released in the third season. In the episode written by Chris Sheridan and directed by Brian Hogan, Michael Chiklis, Peter Gallagher, Phil LaMarr, Alastair Shearman and Nicole Sullivan, as well as some of the recurring cast of the series, also guest stars in this episode.

Quahog’s tranquility escapes when the leaves of the trees in the city begin to take on the autumn colors and the leaves from New York City invade the city. While the family is heading to church, the children fight. Stewie tries to control them, but Lois threatens to not take the kids to McDonald’s after church if they don’t stop fighting. Peter says that unlike Lois, children can go to McDonald’s, but they cannot get a large menu there. Chris disagrees with what his father said, saying that they can buy a large menu, but not an apple pie. Meg disagrees with what Chris says, saying they can get an apple pie, but not blow it to cool it. Lois asks Peter not to stand up to him in front of the children.

Bonnie invites Lois to her Tae Jitsu class, where Lois will have a black belt in a very short time. Lois fights a leaflet and knocks him down with a single punch. Seeing this, Peter uses Lois’ fighting abilities to send the leaflets back to New York. This situation turns Lois into an aggressive person, and Lois cannot help her and thrasses her teacher. Her victory over her teacher makes Lois so confident that she comes to Peter right after the fight, kisses Peter sensually, and then holds Peter’s crotch to prove that he is his owner.

That night, Peter rapes Lois out of insolence. The next morning, Peter is so embarrassed that he did not dare even resist Brian and eats Stewie’s cornmeal crackers. Seeing this, Stewie hits Peter with a baseball bat without blinking. Seeing this, Lois decides to calm her crimes and the family as she is a bad role model to her family. Stewie then reveals that Lois recorded his speech on tape, but later played it on a radio show.

Family therapy and Brian telling them that he gave them an emotion-playing drug even though he actually gave them a placebo isn’t enough to solve Stewie’s extreme anger problem. The family shoots out all their anger and gets into a big fight with each other, but after seeing Peter squeezing his head into the back of a horse, they realize how absurd their actions are. Stewie then hits Lois on the head with a chair, which leads the family to fight each other again.

Tired of fighting and bruising, the family finally decides that it is the violence on the television that is responsible for all this. Peter then says, “How is the state can’t decide what we can and can’t watch” and then blames FOX for continuing to broadcast lousy shows. Lois warns Peter not to speak badly about the channel, though. Peter does not seem to be afraid of this and does not think that what he said could cut the budget for the show. Peter then tells him that he is going to the kitchen to get a beer, and as he leaves the room, he is shown in the form of a low-budget cartoon.

Actor Michael Chiklis, actor Peter Gallagher, vocal actor Phil LaMarr, actor Alastair Shearman and vocal actress Nicole Sullivan, as well as Lori Alan, Johnny Brennan, writer Mike Henry, writer Danny Smith, actress Jennifer Tilly and actor Patrick Warburton also appeared as a guest actor in this episode.

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